Discovery Referee and Special Master Services 

Geri Lynn Green, Esq. sits as Discovery Judge Pro Tem, Facilitator, Referee, and Special Master at courts around the Bay Area, providing her experience in a wide variety of matters including family, probate, personal injury, real estate, fraud, medical malpractice, construction defect, employment, civil rights, sexual harassment, and trade secrets. She is an asset in developing cost-effective ESI searches, complex asset tracing, and cases involving privileges and trade secrets. Her extensive training in conflict management gives her the tools to effectively deal with highly charged issues.

Geri possesses rare expertise in complex discovery and E-Discovery matters, and skillfully addresses complex discovery issues involving ESI, tech, asset tracing, and privilege matters. As a trial lawyer, she designed efficient software search programs while litigating numerous complex cases, including the “largest [ESI] case ever filed in the Northern District.” Her three decades of trial and appellate experience, evidence scholarship, and acumen for math and science provide her with a unique understanding of the discovery issues pervasive in today’s complex litigation.


Geri’s case management process allows litigants to effectively, efficiently, and narrow the issues by facilitating agreements and managing hearing calendars to avoid cases from becoming expensively bogged down, thereby paving a pathway to early mediation and resolution.


ADR Services, Inc. administers Geri Green’s Discovery References. For scheduling, please contact Kathleen Emma’s team at (415) 772-0900 or Or contact Green directly at (415) 982-2600 or by email at

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Geri regularly speaks around the Bay Area on ADR-related issues, including Discovery References. Recent trainings include:

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