Areas of Expertise

For a detailed list of Geri Green’s Representative Case summaries, please visit ADR Services, Inc.


Partnership dissolution; fraud; embezzlement; misappropriation of funds; breach of fiduciary duty; breach of contract (oral and written); services contracts; defective product disputes; lemon law; usury law; distribution contracts; production and distribution of cannabis; business purchase agreements; construction and development contracts; unjust enrichment; interference with prospective opportunity; unfair dilution of interest; hotel services contracts; solar energy contracts; false advertising; defamation; libel and slander; sexual harassment; Private Attorney General Actions (PAGA); 17200; professional malpractice (attorneys, accountants, financial advisors); financial abuse of a dependent adult W&I Code 15610.30; undue influence; unfair competition; wrongful discharge; Unruh Act; ADA; hotel website accessibility; construction contracts; commercial leases; publishing contracts; trademarks; intellectual property/rights/ proceeds; art dealer/artist; Corporations Code Section 17351(B)(2); commercial fishing vessels, rights/sale/ associations, and transfer of fishing licenses; Perishable Agriculture Commodities Act (PACA); civil RICO & Sherman Act; licensing agreements; alcohol liability; golf course; employment contracts; illegal lending practices; usury claims; wrongful foreclosures; enforcement of foreign judgments


Wrongful termination; Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation; FEHA; PAGA; race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, and disability; pregnancy & lactation discrimination; non-compete clauses; wage & hour; employee benefits; ADA; NLRA/unfair labor practices/union activity; Denial of Hospital privileges


Accidents involving automobile, motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, e-scooter, public transportation, taxi cabs, car shares, and self-driving cars; slip and fall; Battery; Assault; Intentional Tort/worker’s comp exemption; ADA; dog bites; premises liability; product liability design defect; catastrophic injuries; sexual harassment and sexual battery; conditions of confinement; wrongful death; injuries incurred at senior and health care facilities; medical, dental, chiropractic, psychiatric malpractice; traumatic brain injury (TBI); spinal cord injuries; fetal injury; injuries to and/or involving severely disabled juveniles and adults; road rage incidents; construction defect; excessive force; premises liability; governmental/municipal liability; insurance coverage; worker’s compensation


Buyer/seller contracts; construction defect; Landlord tenant (residential and commercial); Neighboring property &boundary line; noise, nuisance, trespass, injunctions, water rights & drainage, flooding damages; partition; easement; property line; Eminent Domain; Homeowners Association (HOA); Tenancy in Common (TIC); Easements (prescriptive, implied, express, C.C. &R.’s); Co-owner buyout; fraudulent conveyance allegations; real estate broker liability disputes; mold exposure; rats; cannabis farms & shops; high conflict litigation involving mental health/substance abuse/land use; solar panels/contracts; product liability/defective construction materials (i.e. foundation, roof, windows); will and family contests over disposition of real property


Commercial and residential leases; domestic and cross-border contracts; breach of contract nonjudicial foreclosure; nuisance re: severe mental illness, UD, constructive eviction; habitability (mold/fire/rats/roaches/sexual harassment/assault/noise/construction); wrongful eviction; Ellis Act evictions; Owner Move In; partitions; landlord-tenant sexual harassment; manager sexual harassment; discrimination (ADA/racial/gender/sexual orientation/income); injuries (construction causing catastrophic injury to tenants, faulty electrical system, collapsing ceiling); exclusivity provisions in lease; mixed-use building conversions; COVID-related unpaid rent negotiations for commercial and residential leases


Disputes involving bad faith and coverage issues (medical/auto/worker’s comp/professional liability); title insurance; homeowner’s insurance; disputes involving excess insurance, UIM and subrogation issues


Employment discrimination; 1983 & Bivens; excessive force; jail suicides; conditions of confinement (staffing levels, housing & classification, medical care, psychiatric care, dental care, ADA, sexual abuse, LGBTQ rights; denial of medical care; Title IX; Title VII; bullying; sexual abuse at school; sexual abuse on school bus of developmentally disabled child; School Security Officers; premises liability; municipal codes & municipal liability; Attorney Fee litigation; brought sexual abuse of women prisoners to the attention of the U.S. government and international community resulting in the passage of the Prison Litigation Reform Act


Medical Malpractice; catastrophic injury; wrongful death; fetal injury; psychiatric and orthopedic injuries; chiropractor, dental, health care facilities; senior care facilities; claims against lawyers, financial advisors, real estate brokers, and accountants


Division of Assets & Liabilities; child custody/visitation; pension plans; support; asset tracing; cross-border family & Hague Convention; disputes between family members dividing inherited property; financial and physical elder abuse allegations involving elder and senior care facilities, nursing homes, and family homes; pre-nups; interplay between pre-nup and will contest