Results-Driven Professional Mediation Services for Complex Disputes.

Professional & Effective Neutral Services

Geri Lynn Green, Esq. provides professional expert neutral services to successfully resolve a wide variety of legal disputes at all stages of conflict, with the goal of avoiding business disruptions and preserving relationships.

Geri’s unique background provides her with a high degree of proficiency in structuring resolutions, and the tactical skills to facilitate communication, build trust, and bridge cultural divides:

  • Mediated over 1000 matters.
  • Experienced and skilled litigator with over 30 years of trial and appellate experience, and over 100 Federal and State trials.
  • Highly trained and experienced in mediation, arbitration, international relations, and cross-border disputes, and in handling matters involving trauma, crisis intervention, volatile emotions, civil rights, and cross-cultural awareness.
  • Longtime Judge Pro Tem and Settlement Hearing Officer; former Professor of Law (evidence).
  • Business owner and operator for over 40 years.

Geri specializes in complex, multi-party matters, including Personal Injury, Coverage, Medical Malpractice, Business/Commercial, Employment, Real Estate, Civil Rights, Family Disputes.

Geri Green of Green Mediations
Geri Lynn Green, Esq. serves exclusively as a mediator, arbitrator, and discovery referee/special master.

Justin C. - Attorney

“Geri Green is an exceptional mediator who demonstrated her ability to effectively navigate a challenging case that had previously eluded resolution by two other top mediators. Green’s tireless efforts and commitment to success resulted in a positive outcome.”

Justin C. – Attorney

Elise T. - Attorney

“Ms. Green approaches any situation with professionalism, civility, and compassion. She is committed, fair and thorough, allowing all parties to feel safe and heard…She has a deep understanding of how to communicate and calm even the most challenged, while also managing the needs and expectations of lawyers allowing even the most adverse parties to come to an understanding and resolution.”

Elise T. – Attorney

J.C. - Attorney

“She is truly a master at her craft, and her ability to navigate even the most complex and challenging disputes is a testament to her unique talents and unwavering dedication to success.”

J.C. – Attorney

Jackson G. - Attorney

“Ms. Green’s wisdom and vast legal knowledge along with her innate and learned understanding of mental illness, substance abuse, and cross-cultural issues provides her the ability to artfully negotiate even the most challenging and emotionally charged situations. She is fair, thorough, and she addresses every situation as unique, even the most mundane, exhibiting her curiosity and passion for understanding the human condition.”

Jackson G. – Attorney

Michael - Attorney

“She has the calm hand and the patience necessary to help people work through their emotions so as to move beyond past traumas in order to find resolution…Ms. Green’s passion for her work as a mediator and consensus builder is evident in everything she does. That coupled with her knowledge and skill in handling conflict makes her extremely effective at bringing parties to resolution.”

Michael – Attorney

J.C. 2 - Attorney

“Green’s approach to mediation yielded results where others failed, and her dedication to finding a path forward was instrumental. Her expertise and experience in the field of mediation were evident, and her professionalism was commendable.”

J.C. – Attorney

David P. - Attorney

“Geri Green was our mediator over the course of three sessions, and a period of weeks, who managed a contentious process with skill, heart and good humor. I would use her again in a heart beat!”

David P. – Attorney

- Attorney

“Geri was extremely insightful in understanding the points, goals and concerns of the parties and their counsel. With grace and compassion, she got through the emotions and old grievances to get to the heart of what the parties needed to come to a resolution…Geri had an excellent command of the law, the procedure, the mediation rules and ethical issues and the practical experience to make this mediation a valuable process for all concerned.”

 – Attorney

ADR Services

Building Bridges and Creating Resolution Possibilities

Green Mediations is based in Northern California and is available Nationwide. Geri Lynn Green, Esq. offers customized, in-person, virtual, and hybrid dispute resolution services online with the latest technology or at office locations throughout California. Find her at:

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Mediation Services

Specializing in complex, multi-party matters, including Personal Injury & Coverage, Medical Malpractice, Employment, Business/Commercial, Real Estate, Civil Rights, and Family disputes, to build consensus and resolve disputes.

Discovery Services

Quick, cost-efficient resolution to complex discovery disputes by an experienced complex litigator, mediator, and Judge Pro Tem with expertise in cases involving ESI, Asset Tracing, Privileges, and Trade Secrets.

Arbitration Services

Complex, multi-party, cross-border arbitrations in professional liability, security, healthcare & medical malpractice, employment, hospitality, perishable goods, land development, golf course, cannabis, and beauty product industries.